Mexican "Refugees" From Drug Violence Heading To Canada
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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports that Mexicans are trying to enter Canada as "refugees" from the drug violence, and the usual complainers are complaining.
Canada ignores drug violence in Mexican refugee cases: advocates Last Updated: Friday, March 27, 2009 CBC News

The Conservative government is downplaying a security crisis in Mexico that is pushing thousands of people to seek refuge in Canada, refugee advocates said Friday.

Refugee claims from Mexicans rose to more than 8,000 in 2008 from 7,000 the previous year, according to the Canada Border Services Agency, which linked the spike to vicious drug wars in Mexico.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said this week the 90 per cent rejection rate for Mexican refugee claimants "suggest[s] wide-scale and almost systematic abuse," of the system.

Gloria Nafzinger, a refugee co-ordinator with Amnesty International Canada, said his view is simplistic.[More]

The drug violence these people have flown to Canada to get away from is in only one part of Mexico, as Allan Wall pointed out recently, and the "refugees" could try to See Mexico First, and be perfectly safe. Alternatively, they could try Central and South America, full of Spanish-speaking republics which must be experiencing a labor shortage, given the number of Salvadorans washing dishes, taping drywall, and shooting off guns in American cities.

What I don't want them to do is try the American Southwest, which is kind of full already. Besides, if they want to avoid gang violence committed by Mexicans, the Southwest may not be place for them. But they don't need "refugee status" in a First World country with welfare, free medical, and education paid for with someone else's taxes, they just want it. And I don't blame the Canadian Government for not giving it to them.

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