The Other McCain On Ransom Note Racism And Republican Cowardice
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It occurs to me that it's very strange to link to an R. S. McCain post on "Ransom Note Racism," the technique of maligning conservatives by quoting snippets of their speeches and writings out of context...and quote a snippet of text. If Media Matters were doing this, they'd say something like "R. S. McCain Admits Republicans Are Cowards"

  • Republican cowardice. Few things infuriate me so much as the cringing defensiveness of Republicans who think they can concede every premise of the liberal syllogism and yet expect voters to come to some other conclusion than "Vote Democrat." Too many Republicans have that cowardly punk reflex where, whenever there's a fight, their first concern is for their own safety, rather than trying to win the fight. So when they saw George Allen under assault for "macaca," too many Republicans were silent and did not stand up to denounce the unfair and untrue accusations of racism against him.

But there's more, including the reason for the Eleventh Commandment, and why criticism of David Brooks comes under the Twelfth, instead. Read the whole thing. (Via Kathy Shaidle.)

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