H-1Bs: A Chance to Protest: (Remember, Obama loves Indians)
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Carrie’s Nation has come up with another excellent post: Steve Hamm and Barack Obama Need an Earful from You. This alerts us all to the interesting fact that Steve Hamm, the Business Week journalist who just published a celebration of India’s impact on American technology employment (India Could Be the Next Target for Angry Americans Business Week March 23 2009) has rather bravely asked for comment:

Share Your H-1B and L-1 Visa Experience

I’m inviting anybody who has firsthand experience with such visas to send me detailed examples, in e-mail, of abuses they have seen...

Hamm’s email is [email protected]

Carrie’s Nation has also done excellent work covering the Stealth White House Meeting with Indian IT Delegation.

This was a group from the Confederation of Indian Industry, which came explicitly to lobby for the H-1B program. CN linked to India Inc gets White House meeting on H1-B visas By Patrick Thibodeau ComputerWorld March 23 2009 and notes how the extensive Indian media coverage supplies information basically repressed by the US MSM. (After all, no one important is bothered by Indian techies flooding in!)

CN also links to

US Values India’s Human Resources: Indian CEOs Told India Journal

Thu Mar 26 2009

On March 19, the delegation met the World Bank President, Robert Zoellick; Richard Holbrooke, Special US Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan; and the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner. They also met Congressmen, Howard Berman, Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs; and Gary Ackerman, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Middle-East and South Asia…On March 18, the delegation had met Jim Steinberg, Deputy Secretary of State at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department. At the White House they met Lawrence Summers, Director of National Economic Council and Michael Froman, Deputy Assistant to the US President Barack Obama and Deputy National Security Adviser.

Nothing in this collection of names gives me any expectation of empathy for - or loyalty to - ordinary working Americans.

Obama has a thing about South Asians. According to Steve Sailer’s book America’s Half Blood Prince, he sought them out as friends at Occidental College and roomed with one when he transferred to Columbia (an illegal immigrant whose mother was rude to him! — AHBP P120). This is no doubt the reason for his reckless choice - and foolish reinstatement of the tainted Vivek Kundra.

This will ultimately be a big problem for the Obama Administration.

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