Mexican President Pena Nieto Spends Four Days in New York City; Speaks at UN, Meets Leaders, Receives Prizes and Talks with NYC Mayor About "Mexican Community"
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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was recently  in California (August 25th and 26th), where he hobnobbed with Governor Moonbeam and called the U.S. "The Other Mexico".    See my article on the visit here.   I never read of any prominent Republican, by the way, who criticized the Mexican President's characterization of the U.S. as  "The Other Mexico".

Less than a month later, Pena Nieto was back on U.S. soil, this time in New York City, for the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations.

It's always a good idea to keep tabs of a Mexican presidente while he's visiting the United States.  Therefore I present below a summary of Pena Nieto's four days in the Big Apple:


1. President Pena Nieto met with UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

2. Pena Nieto met with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.   Here's how the Mexican presidential website described the encounter:

As part of the activities in his working trip to New York, President Enrique Pena Nieto met with the mayor of this city, Bill de Blasio, with whom he conversed about economic subjects and the Mexican community that resides in this metropolis.

In the meeting, the Mexican president celebrated the work promoted  by Mayor de Blasio in benefit of the Mexican communities of New York.  [Pena Nieto] recognized the policies that have been promoted under [de Blasio's] leadership, with the goal of achieving a greater integration of this [Mexican]population through concrete measures such as the recent legislation approved by the city, which permits any person, regardless of migratory status, to obtain official identification.

President Pena Nieto and the Mayor recognized that the demographic change in the United States leads to a a growing participation of the Hispanic community in the business, political, educative and cultural areas.    Therefore, they agreed that Mexico would increase, with the support of the city of New York, a greater cooperation with the goal of contributing  in the efforts of both countries to increase the interchanges in educative, econonomic and enterepeneurial areas.....currently in the City of New York 319,000 Mexicans reside....

Here's the text of the report, and a photo of Pena Nieto and  Mayor de Blasio hamming it up.

3.  Pena Nieto, along with others, received the Global Citizen Prize from the Atlantic Council, presented by former Senator Christopher J. Dodd.  (The other recipients were actor Robert De Niro, Shimon Peres of Israel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and pianist/philanthropist Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner who received the youth version of the prize.


1. President Pena Nieto spoke at the UN Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

2.  Pena Nieto spoke to The Economic Club of New York. It that speech, the Mexican president openly spoke in support of "migratory reform", that is, amnesty, in the United States.     The Mexican president also said that the "child migrants" should have "support...attention, legal help" despite that fact in 2013, Mexico deported the majority of child migrants it detained.  See my previous blog post on the subject here).

3. Pena Nieto, along with the presidents of Chile, Colombia and Peru (which together form the Alianza del Pacífico group) were hosted by Bloomberg at his Foro Latinoamericano Bloomberg.   Here is the report and a photo of Bloomberg with the four leaders.


1.  Pena Nieto met with British PM David Cameron.

2.   Pena Nieto participated in the UN's session on the climate.  Click here for a photo of the Mexican president looking very concerned about climate change.

  1. Pena Nieto spoke at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  1. Pena Nieto received the "World Statesman Prize" from the Appeal of Conscience organization.

1.  President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that Mexico will begin to take part in international peacekeeping missions sponsored by the UN.

2. Pena Nieto  met with former British PM Tony Blair, with King Abdullah of Jordan  and PM of the Netherlands Mark Rutte.

3. Pena Nieto, representing his country, took the presidency  of the Alliance for Open Government, of which Mexico now holds the presidency.

Here is a photo of Pena Nieto sitting by Obama. Pena Nieto met with President of Indonesia  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono  and Polish President  Bronislaw Komorowski.

A busy four days!















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