(Mexican) President Displeased with U.S. Presidential Candidates
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Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been paying attention to the U.S. presidential campaigns, and is not pleased with what he sees.

In a radio interview, Calderon complained thusly:

"Mexicans in the U.S. have become hostages to politics. The only theme in the electoral campaign is to find out who is the biggest braggart, the most macho, and the most anti-Mexican."
The candidates, says Calderon, "are mistaken in their diagnostic", and "painfully, the internal party campaigns are blaming somebody who is innocent, that is, Mexico." [Candidatos luchan por ser antimexicanos | Felipe Calder??n critic?? aspirantes de EU, Univision.com, December 5, 2007 ]

I think that Calderon’s squawking is a good sign—he realizes something’s afoot. Finally, immigration is becoming a campaign issue.

Calderon did admit there are Americans who will do his bidding:

"I find the greatest sensitivity in the U.S. government, some in Congress" but he decries the "total lack of understanding and aggravation, hostility toward Mexico" in the general American population.

In the same interview, Calderon fell back on the time-honored Mexican custom of blaming the gringo for Mexico’s problems. The Mexican president said the U.S. has a "serious" problem and is infecting Mexico with "its fevers."

In regards to the pending "Merida Initiative" in which the U.S. is to provide Mexico with a 1.4 billion anti-drug cartel aid package , the Mexican president wants the money with no strings attached. Calderon sounded quite defiant and childish:

"I cannot accept any submission or subordination. I need that technology. Give it to me. And give it to me without conditions."[Mexican president accuses US candidates of being "anti-Mexican", AP, December 5, 2007]

Sounds rather bossy, does he not?

Last year, after Calderon's election and before he took office, I made a prediction about Felipe Calderon's administration:

"Calderon’s agenda is clear. Mexico’s president-elect plans to keep his northern border open and to attain veto power over U.S. immigration policy."
Well, that's exactly what's happened, isn't it? Another reason VDARE.COM is needed, and that your contributions help.
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