Bar Whites From Immigration Debate, Says Idaho Professor
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Gads! Where did this Ivory Tower twerp get her degrees? From one of those diploma mills that used to grace the covers of matchbooks?

In her Dec. 6 guest opinion, "Where is the civility? Chris Simcox crosses the line," that was published in the Arbiter, the student newspaper of Boise State University, American Literature Professor Marcy Newman (e-mail) shrieks about Minuteman founder Simcox's appearance on the campus she says prides itself on, well, you know, respecting the other fellow's opinion.

Here's a sample:

." . .one might wonder how it is that Chris Simcox, Founder and President of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, was invited to speak on campus. His vigilante organization is founded upon violent principles that target Latinos crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. According to human rights organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, since October 1994 there have been 10,000 people who have died crossing in order to work low-wage jobs in the U.S. or to reunite with family members. That figure reached record levels in April 2005 when Simcox founded his militia. Mexican deaths on the border are due to vigilante shootings as well as deaths related to people being forced to cross under more extreme conditions in order to avoid militias like the Minuteman. A lack of water, food, and extreme weather have contributed to these deaths as well as fear of vigilante groups detaining, harassing, and shooting them."
Actually, I'm left wondering more about whether these days "professors" are selected from among those educators who prove they do the best job of lying to students searching for what they think is the truth. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are "vigilantes?" They are shooting and killing Mexicans attempting to enter this country illegally? (I'm still looking for those news stories that support statements like these made by Newman and others who think nobody is watching and listening when they shoot off their mouths about a subject they know little or nothing about.)

Newman then offers this approach to discussing our immigration crisis in order to ensure that the student body gets the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

"It is perfectly appropriate to discuss issues related to the U.S.-Mexico border on campus, but it should be done in an academic context with non-white scholars or artists who are capable of engaging with the facts and who use research rather than weapons to make their points."
Memo to the lying Prof. Newman: Would your non-white discussion group include "scholars" like Charles Truxillo, professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico, who in 2000 said it is inevitable that the American Southwest will become a new Aztlan and that Mexicans should create it "by any means necessary?"
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