Mexican Leaders Squawk About Fence Bill
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President Bush has finally signed that fence bill.[ Bush Signs U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Bill, by Deb Riechmann ,, October 26th, 2006]

We know, of course, there are several things our open-border president can still do to sabotage it.

But here in Mexico they are crying bloody murder over it.

President Vicente Fox called the border wall “useless” and a “shame” and likened it to the Berlin Wall. According to Fox, it demonstrates that the U.S. is incapable of seeing that “the emigration issue is one of co-responsibility” – that is, that Mexico should have a veto power over U.S. immigration policy. Fox also said that you can’t explain American economic success without immigration, and it’s been that way since our country’s founding. Thanks for the history lesson. [Califica Fox al muro de inutil y vergonzoso, Jose Luis Ruiz, El Universal,Oct. 26th, 2006]

The Mexican foreign ministry came out against the wall, and said it would hurt the bilateral relationship. And Mexican meddling in U.S. immigration policy doesn’t? [Lastima barda la relación bilateral: SRE Natalia Gomez, El Universal,, Oct. 26th, 2006]

In the Mexican congress, representatives of the three major parties (PAN, PRD and PRI) condemned the wall, which PAN coordinator called “an offense to Mexico”.[Denuncian diputados decision electorera de EU Andrea Merlos Ricardo Gomez, El Universal,Oct. 26th, 2006 ]

Mexican president-elect Felipe Calderon, visiting Canada, called the wall “deplorable” and said it wouldn’t resolve anything. Calderon said that constructing 1 kilometer of highway in Zacatecas (a major migrant-sending state) would accomplish more than 10 kilometers of wall in Texas. That sounds very noble until you realize that building highways in Mexico can also help Mexicans leave the country. [Comete EU grave error con el muro: Calderon Sergio Javier Jiménez, El Universal, Oct. 26th,2006]

But why is the president-elect worried about the wall anyway ? During his campaign, Calderon joked that if a wall were built "we'll jump over it anyway."

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