Parody:" Mexico to build 700-mile-long ladder"
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The parody site Guns n' Butter (Motto: Fake news. . . real funny) has this story about the Mexican response to the Fence bill, which Bush will probably sign, as Mickey Kaus says, "It would be crazy not to be paranoid."

Check out the Bush quote at the end, and remember that the humorists who wrote it are Republicans:

Guns'n'butter: Mexico to build 700-mile-long ladder Over the weekend, Mexico's Congress approved the 700-mile-long ladder "to allow the struggling American worker easy access to the incalculable benefits of the Mexican economy."

President Fox said the ladder would allow displaced U.S. workers trying to reach their American employers with the ability to "just glide right over the top" of the fence. "That fence'll maybe slow us down 20, 30 seconds, tops," he said. "I mean, them. Slow them down."

President Bush responded by calling the ladder "unhelpful."

"I mean, it is literally unhelpful," Bush said. "The fence is only 700 miles long. The U.S./Mexican border is about 2,000 miles long. Why don't they just walk around it like I told 'em to?"

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