Mexican Comision Permanente Condemns Elvira Deportation
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I must admit, I was shocked when immigration authorities detained and deported Elvira Arellano. I was pleasantly shocked, because I didn't think they would do it! How about more of it? Not only was Elvira a defiant and repeat lawbreaker, but she is an egotistical grandstander who shamefully exploits her 7-year old son Saul, using the family unification argument. According to an article today in El Universal, the "Comisión Permanente" of the Mexican Congress has spoken out on the issue. (The Comisión Permanente is a sort of mini-Congress with 37 members that makes rulings when the full Congress is on recess). The Comisión Permanente has "energetically condemned the deportation of the Mexican Elvira Arellano from the United States, and the forced separation from her son Saul, who remains in that country." Saul, who was born an anchor baby and thus can't be deported, is now 7 years old. My question is, if these activists are really so concerned about Saul, why don't they finance a one-way trip for him to go to Mexico? That way Saul can be with his mother all the time. I mean, if that's really what they want! I guess their real goal is not to unite the mother and son, but to score another victory for illegal immigration. The Comisión Permanente also called on the Mexican foreign ministry to help Saul and for the Institute of Mexicans Abroad to pay for a scholarship so he can study in Chicago. (How about a scholarship for him to study in Mexico? It's cheaper, and there are good private schools here). And since the Mexican government is claiming jurisdiction over Saul, wouldn't that, according to the 14th Amendment's "subject to the jurisdiction thereof", make him a citizen of Mexico, and not of the United States? And by the way, why is it this kid's dad is hardly mentioned? It's because Elvira has never revealed who Saul's father is! Does the behavior of Elvira Arellano represent the kind of family values we need more of in the U.S.A.?

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