Memories of Looting Past
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From  the June 1992 Heterodoxy [PDF]

LOOT SUITERS: "A fashionable beggar approached a downtown worker during Los Angeles' three days of rioting and asked for money to buy food.
"He was wearing a new suit with tags still on," Herb Sanders of suburban Van Nuys said in a letter published in the Los Angeles Times.[May 10, 1992]
"The sleeves on the jacket were rolled up along with the legs on the pants. A piece of rope held up the pants. He had on a new pair of Reebok shoes that didn't match." Sanders said the man asked for change to buy food.
"I asked him, "Did you spend all your money on your new suit and shoes?' With a smile he said, "No, I'm a looter, and I got this new suit and shoes looting.'"
At that point, Sanders asked, "What do you think of the Rodney King situation?" "I don't follow sports anymore," the man replied."


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