"Ad Exec: Color Is Cool And White Is Washed Out"
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Lessons in political correctness, racism and what to expect in the borderless "New America" promised by Bush, the Council on Foreign Relations [ click here and scroll down to see if CFR Independent Task Force on the Future of North America members names ring any bells ] and every CEO who is focused on profit above all else - even the future of their own children's nation - from what my friend Terry Anderson calls "La Times", that giant of objective journalism in occupied California. La Times ran a story today on the coming English subtitles and the increase in Spanish language shows in television broadcasting. In ABC's new sitcom "Freddie," one of the main characters — Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Puerto Rican grandmother — speaks only Spanish. The show, which premieres in October, will use subtitles to translate her words.[Networks Have an Ear for Spanish By Meg James]

Included in the story, this quote:

"...color is cool and white is washed out."
This observation from Gary Bassell, chief executive of Young & Rubicam's the Bravo Group, an advertising agency that specializes in reaching Latinos - is not racist. Remember that. Neither is this:

Stephen Chavez, a vice president of the Los Angeles-based Latino advertising agency La Agencia de Orci. "Second- and third-generation Latinos like myself want to see characters who reflect their lifestyle and their culture. And story lines that are relevant to our lives."
Or this.
"At the end of the day, almost everyone prefers to come home to speak Spanish and watch Spanish-language programming," said David Woolfson, Univision senior vice president for network research.

Indeed. Second and third generation Latinos have no more intention of assimilating into the American culture than does Mario Obledo or the 8-10,000 illegals who entered our nation today...11 September, 2005. The fact that George W. Bush has abandoned all pretense of stopping illegal immigration, that most Hispanic "immigrants" come into the U.S. illegally and that were we as nation to deport the balkanizing horde, secure our borders and enforce our employment laws - as the constitution requires - none of this would be happening, is never mentioned in the La Times piece. That would be racist ....si? The nation-building within the American nation s far ahead of schedule [ they could never have dreamed of a George W. Bush!], and for those who doubt the certainty of future similar stories in their hometown paper... come take a trip through Georgiafornia.

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