Memo To Trump: When Is The Winning Going To Start?
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Stimulated by a James Kirpatrick article here last week, Make Trump Trump—Refocus On National Question!, I promptly went to the White House web portal and dashed off the following note, starting with a theme from that article:
Hello, President Trump.

We're not tired of winning.  In fact, WHEN IS  THE WINNING GOING TO START????

Being tough on immigration is what got you elected.  And now you're waffling on it and blowing it.

  1. End DACA.  NOW!!!   The DACA "kids" ...

a) Mostly aren't kids

b) Whether or not they're kids, very few of them are beneficial to our country.  A fair proportion are criminals **beyond** their illegal-alien status.

  1. Zero out "refugee" intake.  NOW!!!  (I use quotation marks because nearly all "refugee" cases are fraudulent.)
  2. Start pushing hard on Senator Cotton's RAISE Act to end the %$!!@^%$#@!*&! visa lottery and reduce legal immigration rates by at least 50%.  NOW!!!
The U.S. doesn't need immigration.

It's amazing that you've so quickly forgotten the basics.  But you're obviously smart and could actually learn about immigration in detail if you'd FOCUS.  Jeff Sessions should be in your office every day to tutor you.

Paul Nachman

Bozeman, Montana

To submit a message on that web form, you have to include your mailing address, phone number, and email address.  Of course, the probability of ever receiving a response via any of those channels must be astronomically slim (i.e. 1 divided by almost-infinity), so such efforts can yield tangible results only if lots of us make noise.  Thus, I encourage readers to pile on.

If you'd like to dive in yourself but want to focus on some other aspect(s) of our continuing immigration fecklessness, there's other timely material here—for example, Allan Wall's current piece on the universe-class hypocrisy of prominent Mexican politician  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ["AMLO"] as he panders for votes among Mexico's American diaspora.  Or if your blood pressure isn't already dangerously high, look at Patrick Cleburne's blog entry on how Homeland Security Secretary Kelly apparently lacks common sense and/or has never encountered the concept of deterrence.

My disgust with continued immigration-policy lethargy is sufficient that I also phoned the White House comments line (202-456-1111) to deliver orally much the same message as in the text above.  If you'd like an example of how that goes, you can hear my end (only) of that phone call here, a ~100-seconds-long MP3 sound clip.

A few practical points about such calls:

  • You may have to wait on hold; my wait was a few minutes.
  • The call-takers are volunteers.  There's no point in being harsh with them.  In fact, I usually thank them for what they're doing.
  • The call-takers are there to gather input from you, not to engage in a back-and-forth.  (If you listen to the recording of my call, you'll hear a bit of back-and-forth, but that was only because I wanted to be sure my listener recognized the term "DACA" [i.e. the de facto, wildly unconstitutional 2012 amnesty, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals].  He did know the term, which strikes me as a good sign.)
So immigration patriots, please step up.  Fire off a note via the portal and/or make the phone call. Preferably both.
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