Memo To Minnesota Taxpayers:"Don't worry about it, OK?"
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So says "Miguel," an illegal alien who stole some citizen's construction job in Minneapolis, after being asked what he thought about Gov. Pawlenty's "alarming" report showing that illegal aliens are costing Minnesota taxpayers $188 million a year. (You can read all the gory details here.) "It doesn't make any sense worrying how much it costs for us to be here," says the arrogant and disrepectful Miguel. "We just come to work hard. We're just trying to survive." Naturally, at least one state legislator threw her body between poor Miguel and the governor's office: "It's playing to racism, basically," said Rep. Karen Clark (e-mail her), (DFL-Minneapolis). " ... I think it is a desperate move. I'm very sad that Governor Pawlenty would go in this direction again." Memo to Ms. Clark: It sounds like the governor is honoring his oath of office and looking out for the public's best interests. Whose interests are you looking after?
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