Mel Martinez Vote Is TODAY!!
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This is an URGENT APPEAL for all to call their US Senators/Reps (if Republicans, of course!) to ask them to vote AGAINST Mel Martinez's nomination for Republican National Committee Chair! I just called my Idaho reps.

Vote is TOMORROW (Jan 17)!

I used these numbers, first one worked to Capitol Switchboard this afternooon Toll Free Numbers (800) 862-5530 (800) 833-6354 (866) 340-9281 (866) 220-0044

To find all members of your State's delegation, see here>

{ note:For information about the Mel Martinez for RNC Chairman controversy, see November 15, 2006 The Fulford File, Email RNC About Martinez Nomination! ]

After the disaster of the recent election, you'd think the Republican Establishment, including Bush, would have gotten the message: their base is mad at them.

Not so. Like the Bourbons, who had a broadly similar experience, they have learned nothing and they have forgotten nothing.

The Bush nomination  of Mel Martinez to be Chairthing of the Republican National Committee has caused a lot of complaint—including here on VDARE.COM, where Patrick Cleburne characterized the decision as: "RNC To White Men: —- Off ! (Again). "

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