Media Matters Egging On NFL To Attack—And Twitter
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This is from a media criticism web page called ”Awful Announcing” about the NFL condemning media critics, i.e., us:

One of the many concerns during Elon Musk’s since-2022 ownership of Twitter (which is now calling itself X) has been about white nationalists on the platform, with several groups of researchers detailing a rise in hate speech under Musk’s tenure and often attributing that to known white nationalists (and Musk threatening to sue one group of those researchers, from the Center for Countering Digital Hate). And that’s a concern raised not just by individual users, but by companies advertising on the platform. The latest one of those is the NFL.

On Wednesday, Eric Hananoki of Media Matters for America reported that X “has been placing advertisements for the NFL on prominent white nationalist accounts, including accounts that have attacked the league by calling it anti-white.” On Thursday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk relayed a NFL statement in response to an inquiry about that ad program:

NFL responds to their ads being placed on white nationalist Twitter accounts

By Andrew Bucholtz, September 28, 2023

Here’s the original story from the Soros-funded Media Matters for America: X is placing ads for the NFL on prominent white nationalist accounts, by Eric Hananoki, September 27, 2023.

First, we are not a hate group, we’re a hated group, hated by professional hatemongers like MMFA and the SPLC, and by Hananoki [Tweet him] in particular—see Media Matters’ Eric Hananoki: Fool, Liar Or Compulsive? from 2017.

Second, it is news to me that the promoted ads I see in my Twitter feed are linked to particular tweets.

Third, this kind of digital shunning that Media Matters wants is intended to starve their political enemies of funds. editor Peter Brimelow has written:

It’s a legal anomaly that this sort of bullying is possible at all. Ordinarily, pressuring a business to break its contracts or cease doing business with anybody is what lawyers call “tortious interference.” But a U.S. Supreme Court decision in a Civil Rights Era case gave some First Amendment protection to politically-motivated boycotts.

Fourth and finally: We’re a journalistic enterprise that reports on and criticizes the NFL, because of the various culture war and Human Biodiversity issues raised by one of America’s most popular sportsball enterprises.

Here’s screenshot, via Media Matters of NFL Tweets near tweets. See the one that actually says ”Turn off the NFL for good”? And the one criticizing the NFL for discriminating against white officials?

Why should a multibillion-dollar enterprise like the NFL choose which journalistic entities are allowed to discuss it?

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