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The good news: the Southern Poverty Law Center—which has repeatedly exposed as a Cultural Marxist vigilante veneer on a quarter-billion dollar hedge fund that raises money by preying on the elderly Holocaust-haunted rich—has denounced us as “one of the vilest anti-immigrant sites on the Internet.”

So your generous support is having a real impact!

The bad news: the $PLC’s latest campaign, echoed verbatim by its various Main Stream Media groupies, aims at bullying commercial contractors into refusing to do business with us and other groups it dislikes.

It’s a legal anomaly that this sort of bullying is possible at all. Ordinarily, pressuring a business to break its contracts or cease doing business with anybody is what lawyers call “tortious interference.” But a U.S. Supreme Court decision in a Civil Rights Era case gave some First Amendment protection to politically-motivated boycotts. And, of course, we don’t have the money to sue the $PLC anyway.

We take this threat very seriously. American corporations generally are not noted for courage in standing up to political pressure. This is why I bothered to send an email to the Washington Post when it reproduced the $PLC attack—with the embellishment that it called not merely “white nationalist” but “radical white nationalist.” I put in the message line “IF VDARE.COM WERE A "WHITE NATIONALIST" SITE, WE WOULD SAY SO.”

To: [email protected]

Thursday, March 19, 2015 4:54 PM


In her credulous regurgitation of Southern Poverty Law Center propaganda (March 17), Caitlin Dewey refers to, the webzine I edit, as “a radical white nationalist site.” But had she actually bothered to look, she would have seen that it is in fact a single-issue forum site, which publishes criticism of America’s post-1965 immigration disaster from across the political spectrum and from writers of all races and religious heritages.

This certainly includes a few writers, for example American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, whom I would regard as “white nationalist” (he prefers the term “white advocate”) in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites. They are not white supremacists. They do not advocate violence. They are rational and civil. They brush their teeth. But they unashamedly work for their people—exactly as La Raza works for Latinos and the Anti-Defamation League works for Jews.

Get used to it. As immigration policy drives whites into a minority, this type of interest-group "white nationalism" will inexorably increase.

I realize this is not a distinction that the PC-whipped Main Stream Media (in which I spent some 40 years) can easily make. That is why you are dying.

Peter Brimelow

The Washington Post has not published this letter, as I knew it would not. I have learned from bitter experience that immigration is an issue about which the media elite feels quite entitled, indeed positively obligated, to lie.

So the lie that is a “radical white nationalist site” is going unchallenged in the Washington Post.

Of course, for myself I don’t care—I have a high degree of contempt for the Washington Post and for Main Stream Media in general. And, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I can post a refutation—as long as can find an unintimidated webhost and pay for it.

But I know that the Washington Post’s lie could very well be accepted as fact by the many conventional corporate jellyfish who are foolish enough to depend on the MSM and don’t know a “white nationalist” (let alone a “radical white nationalist”) from a White Christmas—or a neo-Nazi from a Cultural Marxist (not that anyone ever tries to persecute Cultural Marxists).

Please give to—while you still can. The $PLC raked in over $40 million last year. Our budget is barely 1 percent of that. We are not afraid of them, and we will find ways to survive and—God willing—help the American nation to survive. But we do need your help—now.

Many thanks,

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