McCain, Unz, Worthington, Frum...And John Demjanjuk?
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I'm interested to see that David Frum has wheeled out his father-in-law, my old friend the distinguished Canadian conservative journalist Peter Worthington, to try to quash the questions about John McCain's record as a POW and his subsequent blocking of MIA inquiries raised by TAC's Ron Unz. (Baseless McCain P.O.W. Smears Resurface, FrumForum, May 28 2010.) I must say this makes me think Ron is on to something.

FrumForum's headline ("Baseless Smears" ) is undercut by what Peter actually says: "None of us knows, of course...."

It is precisely because "none of us knows" that Unz thinks someone should have found out—and that it's really odd the MSM did not try to do so when alerted by one of their own heroes, Sydney Schanberg.

I wonder if Peter slipped in his unnoticed qualification because he remembers that it was, in fact, Peter himself who first alerted to me to Bill Stevenson and Monica Jensen's puzzlement that McCain was blocking MIA inquiries, more than 20 years ago. Of course, this was back when we were all anti-communists, Peter a brave and much-derided conspiracy conoisseur, and the need to defend neoconservative foreign policy (and his son-in-law's career!) not yet imperative.

Peter kindly attempted to defend me last year in his Toronto Sun column against a New York Times/ $PLC smear as echo-chambered, in the typical Canadian journalism way, by a Toronto Globe & Mail hack, Patricia Best. But it was not published because Canada's extreme Political Correctness about immigration, although he carefully distanced himself from my views, about which he is clearly not up to speed either, alas. I meant to post it on VDARE.COM. Maybe I will now.

Peter is 83. I am very glad that American readers are finally getting to know him better, now that his Toronto Sun columns are being posted on FrumForum—he was a victim of Canada's faux "Nationalism", which by banning foreign ownership of newspapers, cut off a generation of Canadian journalists, unlike Australians, from careers in the wider Anglosphere.

However, it's curious that FrumForum chooses to omit Peter's long-standing and very courageous work campaigning against the extraordinary judicial torture of alleged Nazi guard John Demjanjuk. (For example, Germany targets Demjanjuk, Toronto Sun, March 30, 2009.)

It's one of the many things Peter has in common with Pat Buchanan.

Isn't that coincidence something FrumForum readers would like to know?

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