McCain Really Means It About "Invade The World"
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From Matt Welch On Twitter:

The Mother Jones map also, as someone pointed out, leaves out Vietnam, which McCain bombed with his own hands as a young Naval aviator:

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb—Bomb, Bomb, Wherever.

You may ask "Has John McAmnesty called for troops to protect the Mexican border?"

The answer is, yes, he has. [Senator McCain calls for troops to be deployed along Mexican border, Mercopress, March 30, 2010]

Reasons for this may include:

  • He represents a border state.
  • He was running for reelection in 2010, and had to impersonate a patriot: see Pat Buchanan's  What McCain's Tactics Teach.
  • He just always calls for troops to be deployed, it's automatic, he can't help it.

But if you think for one minute he called for troops on the border to protect the United States from invasion,  think again.

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