World Happiness Report Ranks Mexico 16th, U.S.A. 17th
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World Happiness Report Ranks Mexico 16th, U.S.A. 17th OK, it's hard to prove who is really happier, it's not an exact science, but several happiness polls have ranked Mexico above the U.S. For example, see the poll I reported on in my article Lindsey Graham Wrong - Mexico Not a "Hellhole", Doesn't Need Northern 'Safety Valve".

And here's another one, the World Happiness Report, [PDF] based on a poll administered by a branch of the United Nations. It's designed to measure overall life satisfaction. In that report, Mexico was ranked #16 in happiness, while the U.S. ranked just below at #17. (See Smile: USA ranks 17th among world's happiest countries, Kim Painter, USA Today, September  9, 2013).

The first five countries were in northern Europe: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. Canada was sixth and the UK was #22.

Supposing Mexicans are happier than Americans, wouldn't it be better for Mexicans to stay in Mexico?

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