A Longtime Resident Of Idaho Asks If Blackmail Explains Larry Craig's Support For Amnesty
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Today's breaking news of Idaho's US Senator Larry Craig being charged with and pleading guilty to lewd conduct in a Minnesota airport mens' room follows months of my asking Northern Idaho conservatives about how last Fall's rumors of Craig's sexual preferences might explain his traitorous stance on amnesty for illegal aliens (he strongly supports amnesty, voted for both Senate bills, and is cosponsoring the AgJobs and DREAM Act bills, both of which include amnesty clauses).

Was Craig being blackmailed? Locals admitted that for at least two decades, unsubstantiated stories of Craig's homosexuality had circulated, and that he had married a divorced staffer with children late in life in the face of those rumors. Will this be the final straw for potato heads who have preferred ignorance to action? Craig's pathetic protestations today ("it's a he said, he said" matter, his staffer claims) and Craig's own statements that he "should have sought counsel and not pled guilty" pale in comparison to the detailed, shocking charges leveled by the arresting cop, the apparent target of Craig's sexual advances.

Let's hope Craig quickly resigns to spend more time with his family. Gov. Butch Otter can then appoint someone who reflects Craig's constituents and the state legislature's strong stance against illegal alien rights, benefits, and unwanted presence in the state.

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