Mayor Of Florence, Italy, Urged Locals To "Hug A Chinese" In Early February To Dispel "Prejudice"
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Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News writes:

Mayor of Florence Encouraged Italians to “Hug a Chinese” Before Coronavirus Pandemic Hit

Virtue-signaling stunt intended to prove Italians weren’t racist.

If you have difficulty believing that, here's a Tweet from Florence Mayor Dario Nardella, with evidence. (Archived.)

Then there's this:

A video shows a Chinese man wearing a blindfold and a face mask in Florence asking for hugs. Numerous people embrace the man while some physically remove his blindfold and mask.

Watson says

The story is yet another illustration of how political correctness can actually sometimes be dangerous if not fatal.

Actually, political correctness is fatal a lot of the time. But this is worse than usual.

In 2003, the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, made a point of going to a Chinese restaurant during the SARS epidemic [Asians no SARS risk, PM says, by Gloria Galloway, Toronto Globe & Mail, April 11, 2003]. In fact, SARS didn't affect many non-Chinese, as reported here, but not a lot of other places.

The current Prime Minister of Canada has quarantined himself after his wife developed Coronavirus symptoms.

And because we're talking about Justin Trudeau, here he is at various Chinese New Year's Celebrations, dressed in Chinese costume:

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