Matt Welch On McCain And His Base—The Editorial Page Writers Of America
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Matt Welch of Reason Magazine has an "Open Letter" to the editorial writers of the country, whom he expects to endorse John McCain in great numbers, begging them to get their facts straight on the "Straight Talker:"
...I bring you all here on this Michigan primary day to make one last plea on behalf of the dwindling number of us who read or care about newspaper editorials. Before passing on your McEnthusiasms to the Copy Desk, please remember your canonical journalistic responsibility not to make shit up or pass along easily debunkable falsehoods. Particularly when the subject of your affection has provided copious evidence to the contrary of your claims.
Welch is pro-immigration himself, so immigration doesn't get mentioned as a bad thing, even as an example of flip-flopping on McCain's part, although McCain's Confederate flag flip-flop is in there. Welch is much more worried about McCain's "Invade The World" tendencies than his "Invite the World" tendencies, and gives details.Read the whole thing—it's fun.
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