Thinking About TNR `s Second PaulPurge Piece
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The New Republic magazine has just posted on its home page a second attack on Ron Paul, tremulously titled More Scandalous Selections From Ron Paul's Newsletters.

Of course, all this is hysterical, hypocritical Political Correctness, as Steve Sailer has demonstrated. We're posting some more thoughts by John Derbyshire later tonight.

But a quick observation—look at this:

A May 1990 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report cites Jared Taylor, who six months later would go onto found the eugenicist and white supremacist periodical American Renaissance.

The May 1991 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report cites American Renaissance and offers readers subscription information for it.

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American Renaissance is, of course, not "white supremacist" but White Nationalist, i.e dedicated to the interests of American whites, a position at least as legitimate as TNR's Zionism. I've never seen AmRen write about eugenics other than to discuss the genetic basis of intelligence, which is at least a respectable scientific hypothesis, if not a fact. These distictions are lost on TNR.

The first reference appears to be a passage to Taylor's 1992 book Paved With Good Intentions noting that black-on-white killings in the Bronx received virtually no publicity compared to white-on-black killings in Bensonhurst and Howard Beach. (Footnotes in book).

The second reference is to a spectacularly pessimistic quotation about race relations from Abraham Lincoln in 1862, when he was urging the settlement of freed slaves in Central America. AmRen dug it up and merely gets what is now called a "hat-tip".

The Paul letter adds: "Should we follow Lincoln here, any more than his pro-paper money. pro-income tax views? Of course not."

Somehow, TNR failed to note this disavowal.

The common thread here is that truth is not a defense to TNR types. They don't think, they emote. Jared Taylor is evil, even if what he is saying is entirely factual. And the TNR types want to emote - hence the repression of the Paul letter's disavowal of Lincoln.

There are profound psychological forces at work here. And they are poisoning America's national debate.

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