The Ominous Logic Of The Obama-Wright-Farrakhan Fiasco
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What’s worrisome about the publicity finally being directed toward Obama's spiritual advisor Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. for his long ties with Minister Louis Farrakhan is this:

Farrakhan is radioactive not because he hates whites in general (which he does), but because he hates Jews in particular (which he also does).

So, how can Obama wash off the taint of Farrakhanism-by-Association?

I bet that, as I write this, a lot of our neocon / neolib friends are busy thinking up ways for Obama to prove he’s not an anti-Semite ... such as by hiring them as advisors and letting them take over his foreign policy. (All those Giuliani advisors who aren't getting paid right now might well like another horse to ride at this point.)

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