Matloff's Siciliano: Protege of the Treason Lobby
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Dr Norm Matloff’s revelation on Friday that immigration-cheerleading talking head Dan Siciliano of Stanford Law School is in fact a professional Treason Lobby operative (former immigration attorney, grant-eater at The American Immigration Law Foundation) caught my attention. Who is Dan Siciliano?

Siciliano is described as a legal scholar and an entrepreneur on his Stanford Law School biography page, but the experienced resume reader will wonder - how? BA University of Arizona 1993, Graduate Study (Economics) Stanford 1993-7, JD Stanford 2004 (3 years?) — does not leave much time, especially as he says he co-founded (in 1994!) and was for five years executive director of the ”Immigration Outreach Center ” in Phoenix, (along with the now Executive Director of the AILF). This in addition to privately practicing immigration law!

What is clear, however, is that Siciliano has greatly profited from loudly espousing PC opinions. It has got him a slot at what Wikipedia alleges is the country’s second law school with no record of legal scholarship that I can find, and he has apparently testified before both the US House (PDF) and Senate on Immigration — also with no appreciable published credentials. The liberal-spotters running the Truman Scholarships, which Siciliano was awarded while at Arizona, got the message across.

The Left has amazing patronage and grooming capabilities at its disposal.

No doubt, as with Professor Kennedy in Michigan, the Corporate fruits of rabid pro-immigrationism in Silicon Valley are considerable too.

But why a Siciliano? Italian-Americans have tended to turn up on the Patriotic side — Barletta, Guzzardi, Borzellieri. Could it be the Treason Lobby managers feel the need for a change in their public visage from the Julian Simons and Tamar Jacobys? When you want someone to go on TV and lie that H-!B imports have superior skills to Americans:

"Frankly, we do not have sufficient talent at the cutting edge technology level...The H-1Bs...are oftentimes folks who have recently acquired their skills in advanced engineering programs and they bring to the companies that they work for the chance of building larger teams"

it is probably shrewd to have someone who looks like he might be a displaced American worker. Firing Foreign Workers CNBC March 6 2009 @2-39 -3-11

Tell Dan Siciliano he is harming his fellow Americans. (Be appropriately polite.)

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