Being Kind And Generous To Tamar Jacoby
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As a result of her latest showcasing in a prestige outlet (Immigration Nation - Foreign Affairs November/December 2006), Tamar Jacoby, the MSM's pro-immigration advocate of choice, has got on Larry Auster's nerves. This is a dangerous place to be.

The proprietor of View from the Right says:

Tamar Jacoby, whom I used to think of as a bird-brain for open borders, has evolved into a stone-cold, Soviet-style liar for open borders...This liar claims with a straight face that an "overwhelming majority" of Americans are for amnesty. It seems that the more conscienceless her lying becomes, the more prominence and influence she gains.

Auster concludes his incisive critique:

Jacoby and her open-borders allies are leftists. Leftists are driven by spiritual greed -the greed to transform and control society. They hate the society that actually and historically exists and they lust for the day when it will have become something unrecognizable from what it now is and once was. They will say anything to advance their purposes.

As usual at VFR, an intelligent discussion ensues. Following one comment he responds:

Whatever immigration advocates may say is their reason for wanting mass immigration, in reality their chief motivation is to end America as a white country. Once you understand this, their irrational and inconsistent positions start to fall into place.

(This in my view is the conclusive one sentence explanation to the Kaus/Fulford query about the reason a Democratic Congress would pass the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bill.)


Calling a writer and public policy spokesman a liar is admittedly strong stuff.

Auster deploys a closely-reasoned justification, observing:

There is no way, I repeat, there is no way, that she cannot know about the deep popular opposition in this country to amnesty, especially as it was that very opposition that shot dead the "comprehensive" immigration package this year that she and her allies fanatically supported and had believed was assured of passage. When we further realize the gross dishonesty of the polls on which she bases the assertion, and when we further think of the damage to America of the mass immigration she is trying to foist on us through that assertion, I think the harshest language, including calling her a liar, is justified.

A correspondent remarks:

I read quite a bit of what The Manhattan Institute publishes, and I am uniformly impressed...How did a genuine fool end up in such smart company?

LA replies:

By her being such an absolute, unyielding devotee of open immigration. It was her staunch insensibility in support of an indefensible cause, her lack of intellectual conscience, that has made her what she is.

And, he might have added, because of the MSM need for Storm Troopers of Treason.

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