Math Of Free Healthcare For All Illegal Aliens Doesn’t Work
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On his Tuesday show, Tucker Carlson examined candidate Elizabeth Warren’s extreme positions on illegal aliens and all the free stuff they should get from the unwilling American taxpayer. Her latest goodie is recommending the instant admittance of transgender aliens, which would create a cheap and simple scam opportunity—buying a dress is certainly easier than obtaining a kid and training him to pose as a stranger’s offspring.

As it happens, the incidence of sexual nonconformity is not unknown south of the border. In the 2001 book True Tales from Another Mexico (reviewed by me in The Social Contract), a chapter was devoted to the drag queens of Mazatlan. They were managing reasonably well at that time, with a little drama thrown into the mix.

Interestingly, the English-language Mazatlan Post describing the city’s first carnival in March 2019 observed that “the Sinaloa-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual community had a notable presence.”

So Mexican transgender persons are getting along fine and don’t need to be rescued by Elizabeth Warren.

More importantly, Fox Business host and math advocate Melissa Francis pointed out that the Democrats’ generous Medicare-for-All project — including all 22 million illegal aliens — is simply undoable because there is not enough money floating around to pay for it.

Along the way, Tucker went off the rails regarding his fondness for the millions of foreign invaders. In a discussion of free healthcare for illegal aliens proposed by Democrats, he remarked, “I have always thought and I still think that most illegal aliens are probably nice people. I mean, they came here because they like America. . . And most Americans like immigrants, really like them.”

Illegal aliens don’t come to America because they like this country: They come here to make more money than they could accrue at home, period.

In fact, many immigrants avoid Americans by moving directly into ethnic neighborhoods filled with people from their homeland. Similarly, a recent AP-NORC poll shows voters have noticed that newbies are not assimilating to American culture and values.

Snap out of it, Tucker. Let foreigners stay home and improve their own countries—win, win.

TUCKER CARLSON: So what’s Elizabeth Warren’s strategy for becoming President? Well, it’s coming into focus slowly. She apparently believes she can win the nomination, and ultimately the President with a simple approach — on every issue, find the most left-wing possible view, and then go even further than that.

So promise Medicare-for-All, but without any tax increases. It’s magic. Use America’s wealth to fund race-based reparations because almost no one is in favor of that.

On the border, it is not easy for Warren to stand out because at this point, almost every other Democrat wants amnesty, no deportations, free healthcare for illegals. So what does she do? Well, she has found a way.

In a new letter to the Department of Homeland Security, Elizabeth Warren demands that all transgender illegal immigrants and she doesn’t say how many there are, but all transgender illegal immigrants caught at the U.S. border must be let into this country immediately.

Warren says that it’s dangerous to be transgender in Mexico. So anyone who claims they were born in the wrong body must be allowed to stay here, no questions asked to receive a taxpayer funded transition. That’s right. It’s a daring gambit by Elizabeth Warren.

She seems to have calculated that she can alienate every normal person in the continental United States and still become President. Will it work? Well, we’re about to find out.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both running on a Medicare-for-All plan. And they really mean for all. They promise to give free medical care to everybody who is here illegally. It’s about 22 million people. That number is rising, and of course, it will rise dramatically if this new handout becomes law. But let’s pretend it won’t. Let’s pretend the number stays static at 22 million.

How much would it cost to give free healthcare to the legal immigrants already here? According to a new calculation, by the American Enterprise Institute, Medicare for all would cost about $10,000.00 per person per year. So multiply that by 22 million illegal immigrants and you get to $220 billion every year.

Now, even in an era of supersize numbers, that’s a ton of cash. That is, for some perspective, 10 times the entire budget of NASA. It’s also more than the current Veterans Administration budget, the VA budget, which means America would quite literally be spending more on illegal immigrant healthcare than it does on veterans. That’s their plan.

Melissa Francis is co-host of Outnumbered. She also hosts over at Fox Business and thankfully is a frequent guest on the show. She joins us tonight. So you’re the numbers person. You’re one of the good people who went to Harvard — assess our math. It’s true. There aren’t many, you’re one.

MELISSA FRANCIS: Well, thank you.

CARLSON: Assess our assessment. Are the numbers that we’re throwing out there correct?

FRANCIS: I mean, it’s interesting because the number that you quote on the number of illegal aliens that are in the country. Who knows what that number really is, right?

I mean, there’s no way of knowing. MIT was the latest one to do a study with Yale, but all focus on MIT, because they’re very good at math. And they were the ones that came up with this idea of 22 million people.

But the point is, if you do all that math out, it doesn’t even really matter, because we already can’t pay for Medicare-for-All, and I don’t mean, we can’t pay for it in the sense of, you know, we’d have to tax the middle class.

I mean, like, there isn’t the money at all. And I don’t know why more people don’t press Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, for that matter, on this because even when Bernie Sanders admits that taxes would have to go up dramatically on the middle class — that still wouldn’t do it.

If you confiscated all the money. I told you this before, but if you took away every single dollar that every person who makes more than $200,000.00 a year makes and you threw them into an abyss somewhere to die, and you took all their money, it still would not pay for Medicare-for-All.

So what difference does it make if we add a lot of illegal aliens? Why don’t we add Canada? They’re nice people. I mean, why not?

CARLSON: You know that’s exactly it. They are nice. And by the way, I have always thought and I still think that most illegal aliens are probably nice people. I mean, they came here because they like America. Well, so do I. I get it?

And most Americans like immigrants, really like them. If you want to make Americans hate immigrants, give free healthcare to illegals because that will — I mean, that will engender resentment, why wouldn’t it? Most Americans aren’t able to pay for the healthcare they want. Do you know what I mean?

FRANCIS: Right. No, it’s absolutely true. I mean, the reason why people love Medicare, and if you talk to seniors in Florida, they love it. It’s because they use four times as much in dollar terms as what they’ve paid in.

That obviously can’t work on a larger scale. It means everybody else is supporting this group. They’re the elderly, we love them. We’re happy to do it. You can get the Medicare add-on insurance, but you can’t put the whole population on that.

But you know, it’s amazing to me, Democrats and a lot of people in D.C., including Republicans, I think they think math is a myth. Math is like a vast right wing conspiracy. They’re allergic to math.

I mean, they don’t want to do any of these numbers because it would make everything impossible. And it is depressing when you can’t pay your bills and you continue to rack up credit card debt, who wants to sit down and crunch those numbers? Certainly not the politicians in Washington.

But the truth is that there literally isn’t enough money for Medicare-for-All. It’s not about who can you tax, because if you raise taxes on everyone — everyone — it still wouldn’t pay for it.

CARLSON: They’re liars.


CARLSON: And that’s kind of what it comes down to. Melissa Francis, good to see you tonight.

FRANCIS: It’s immoral.

CARLSON: Yes, it is.

FRANCIS: Good to see you, too. Yes, it’s really disingenuous. See you later.

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