Marxist Mayors Team Up to Save the Planet (cough, cough)
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British Prime Minister Tony Blair is swinging through California over the next few days, and the sidebar events are getting pretty bizarre [Blair to join galaxy of stars at Pebble Beach, San Franciso Chronicle, 7/29/06].

But after that address, Blair and Clinton have added an event: They're expected to be at UCLA when London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sign a city-to-city agreement on reducing greenhouse gases, sources said.

FYI, London's Mayor is known as Red Ken for his Marxist beliefs. In addition, he is notable for his fondness for radical Islam and hatred of America.

As we know, Mayor Vile, er Villaraigosa is an ardent Mexican reconquista, a political movement that has caused the population of southern California to explode with millions of uninvited Mexicans, plus a diversitude of others.

So it is mind boggling that Mayor Vile of all people (!) says he wants to reduce greenhouse gases, when overpopulation in industrialized countries is a major cause of excessive hydrocarbons being flung into the atmosphere. And Los Angeles practically invented smog with its millions of cars spewing out airborne crud.

If the Mayor wanted to reduce greenhouse gases from Los Angeles, he could repatriate illegal Mexicans back to their low-tech, earth-friendly villages.

Furthermore, the idea that two Marxist mayors lose any sleep about the health of the planet is absurd on steroids. Publicity sluts like Livingston and Villaraigosa will do anything for a photo op, no matter how ridiculous the concept.

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