A Texas Woman Has Another Take On The Seattle Shooting, etc
July 30, 2006, 04:35 PM
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Mary Leverett writes:

About this joker, Naveed Afzal Haq - what I have NOT seen or heard is that Haq`s attack was strictly on women working in a Jewish-affiliated business - could it be the what-should-be-well-known-by-now Islamic male attitude toward women—beating, genital mutilation, etc—played a part?

[Vdare.com note: The LA Times today has a story about Haq, in which his family and friends, i.e., other Muslims, make the same suggestion. "Law enforcement authorities, Haq`s friends and his parents` friends all said Saturday that Haq`s inner motivations remained a mystery. Some speculated he might have sought to cloak an animus toward women by acting as a self-appointed warrior against Israel or against Jews." (Friends Had No Idea He Was Violent)

As our reader points out, either way, it`s a consequence of mass Muslim immigration. Compare the Montreal Massacre, where a Muslim killer`s identity was cloaked, (by the media) behind his animus towards women.]