A Texas Woman Has Another Take On The Seattle Shooting, etc
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Mary Leverett writes:

About this joker, Naveed Afzal Haq - what I have NOT seen or heard is that Haq's attack was strictly on women working in a Jewish-affiliated business - could it be the what-should-be-well-known-by-now Islamic male attitude toward women—beating, genital mutilation, etc—played a part?

[Vdare.com note: The LA Times today has a story about Haq, in which his family and friends, i.e., other Muslims, make the same suggestion. "Law enforcement authorities, Haq's friends and his parents' friends all said Saturday that Haq's inner motivations remained a mystery. Some speculated he might have sought to cloak an animus toward women by acting as a self-appointed warrior against Israel or against Jews." (Friends Had No Idea He Was Violent)

As our reader points out, either way, it's a consequence of mass Muslim immigration. Compare the Montreal Massacre, where a Muslim killer's identity was cloaked, (by the media) behind his animus towards women.]

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