Mark Steyn on Terror Attack in Canada
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Mark Steyn, who left National Review because of a dispute about how to handle a lawsuit over global warming, is still plugging away despite losing his perch in the Beltway Right.  He still appears on television (American and Canadian), occasionally guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh, and has a new book out, the Undocumented Mark Steyn.  

Since leaving NR, it seems like Steyn is becoming more forceful on the immigration issue and is losing that kind of ironic detachment for which he was criticized by the late Lawrence Auster.  [Mark Steyn's Dishonest Article on the European Crisis, by Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, January 1, 2006]

Steyn writes,

I said yesterday that I got angrier about the events in Ottawa as the day went on. My anger continued today. As I told Alan Jones on 2GB in Sydney, apropos Muslim "reverts" who want to engage in what the Premier of Quebec calls "spontaneous acts of extremism", I'm tired of being told that we have to change to accommodate them. They are the ones who have to change, or have change forced upon them. And, rather than confiscating passports and preventing these guys from leaving to fight for ISIS, I think we should wait till they get there to cancel their passports: If they prefer to be citizens of Headhackistan, so be it. But, if they attempt to return to Canada (or America, Britain, Australia, Europe), they should be charged with treason.

[Talking Treason, by Mark Steyn, SteynOnline, October 24, 2014]


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