Marcus Epstein On The Young Turks
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Marcus Epstein was on The Young Turks, an Air America program. They titled the YouTube version A Conversation About Race Goes Terribly Awry. That must be because no one has ever disagreed with them before. There's a lot of discussion of it on their website, including a nomination for the coveted, highly prized Worst Person In The World award, awarded by the maniacal Keith Olbermann.

By the way, I assumed the program title was just a metaphor, that the kids who ran it were "Young Turks" in the dictionary sense of "an insurgent or a member of an insurgent group especially in a political party", named after a pre-World War One student's  movement in Turkey. But it turns out that the main guy is called Cenk Uygur, who is an actual young Turk, or Turkish-American, who is on record as denying the Armenian genocide in a college paper [Historical Fact or Falsehood?, By Cenk Uygur, November 20, Daily Pennsylvanian, November 20,1991].

I haven't listened to this yet, because I had the sound off on my computer, but I viewed it with the sound off, and you see Cenk Uygur in full, talking and waving his hands, and just a very blurry photograph of Marcus, who was being interviewed by phone.

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