Diminutive Lady Cops And The SPLC
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The answer to Steve Sailer's question below “Why do we have “diminutive“ lady cops anyway? “, is that it's the fault of the courts and the $PLC. As I wrote in Guilty: The SPLC And The Atlanta Courtroom Massacre
Here’s the rest of the story: the policy of having short females as police officers is thanks to our old friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center—always concerned about the faintest hint of “discrimination,” never concerned about the public interest.

Here's a list of the various decisions that led to female police officers being required by law to do the same job as an officer literally twice their size: Decision with Regard to Women, Affirmative Action and Law Enforcement.

One of the leading decisions in the SPLC's campaign against common sense was the abolition of “Strength/physical fitness tests and requirements” for police officers in Dothard v. Rawlinson (1977).

The SPLC supported the 5'3?, 115 lb, Dianne Rawlinson in her attempt to become a correctional employee in Alabama:

“At trial, the Law Center argued that the height and weight requirements had no actual relationship to the job requirements, and 33% of women would be excluded from employment as prison guards and state troopers by the statutory height requirements and 22% by the minimum weight requirements.”

See also Civil Rights Law Doesn’t Care If You Die, for an examination of the larger question involved.


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