Manuel Valls Says There's "Apartheid" in France—#frenchpresidentfacts?
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Pat Buchanan just quoted the President Prime Minister of France as saying there are “two Frances,” adding, “A territorial, social, ethnic apartheid has spread across our country.”. [French Premier Says ‘Apartheid’ Is Leaving Minorities on the Fringe, By Maïa De La Baume, NYT, January 20, 2015]

Isn't that the same thing as the #foxnewsfacts about Birmingham and No Go Zones in France that John Derbyshire wrote about yesterday? France has no de jure segregation, formal equality of races under the French constitution, and vicious laws against "racist" speech.

And obviously, there aren't "two Frances" but one France with a bunch of North African colonies in it—just as Bobby Jindal said.

If North Africans live in suburban ghettoes with other North Africans, it's presumably because they like it, and if they don't have good jobs or small businesses, it may not be because they're "marginalized"—a popular word in this connection—but because they're marginal.

At this moment there are many, many #foxnewsfacts  tweets, but nothing for  #frenchpresidentfacts—if you're active on Twitter, give it a try.

UPDATE: James Kirkpatrick pointed out to me that this should be #frenchprimeministerfacts, since Valls is Prime Minister and Hollande is the President. However, several people have already tweeted it, so what the hell,  Je  suis Fox News.



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