Lyn Nofziger And The Baked Potato
October 20, 2010, 07:33 PM
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When Lyn Nofziger died, his web page, with blog like "Musings" went down, but it`s still available in

May 11, 2005—I don’t know whether the people who work at my local Wendy’s are here legally or illegally, but i do know that some of them don’t speak English very well and understand it even less well.

If I had had any doubts about this they were dispelled last night.

Sitting in my car in the drive through lane I ordered a Big Bacon Burger, which is a very good hamburger, and a large frosty. From there I drove to the pay window which was closed so proceded to the window where they dispense your orders. There I paid a man who seemed to understand English and he in turn gave me two paper bags, one that contained the frosty and the other which I assumed contained the Big Bacon Burger. Next I drove home which is about a mile and a half from Wendy’s.

There I gave my wife her Frosty, reached in the other bag and got out—my baked potato. So much for my mouth-watering Big Bacon Burger. Did I then get in my car and drive back to Wendy’s? Of course not. Instead I ate the potato, which is rich in potassium and contented myself with the thought that the anti-obesity gods were looking after my best interests.

However, I also resolved that hereafter before I leave Wendy’s I will check what’s in the bag.

It’s either that or learn to speak Spanish.

Nofziger was a very philosophical man—over the years he had much to be philosophical about.