Louisiana's Landrieu Lies About Supporting Border Fence —So Much For Treason Lobby Pollaganda
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Even in an election year distinguished by unusually barefaced lying from Immigration Surge/ Amnesty supporters scrambling for cover, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu stands out so much that she has attracted the skeptical attention of Real Clear Politics:
Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu is running a new TV ad that accuses her Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, of being soft on border security for opposing a fence on the Mexican border.

The problem? Landrieu herself called the fence “dumb” in a speech on the Senate floor last year, when she expressed regret for her earlier vote in support of it.

Landrieu Ad Touts Border Fence She Once Called "Dumb," by Scott Conroy, September 10, 2014. Links in original.

Landrieu, of course, like all Democrats, voted for the Gang of Eight's Amnesty Immigration Surge bill in 2013. Her current  NumbersUSA rating: F.

Case closed.

Rep. Bill Cassidy's NumbersUSA rating: B. Louisiana has a monster primary and there is a Tea Party Republican candidate, Retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, endorsed by Sarah Palin. (Rob Maness to Bill Cassidy: Stand with Cruz, Sessions & Oppose Border Bill, by Tony Lee, Brietbart.com, July 30, 2014).

Who knows how this will end , but one thing is clear: Landrieu would not put herself in this ludicrous situation if she or any professional politician actually believed the Treason Lobby's expensive pollaganda.

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