Kaus: No Actual Politician Is Going To Be Reassured By Lamar!
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Further to James Kirkpatrick's report of Lamar Alexander's shameless re-reversing of his position on amnesty after his unimpressive victory in the TN GOP Senate primary, here's the brilliant Mickey Kaus systematically demolishing WaPo's pro-Treason Lobby spin on the result:
No actual politician with his or her career on the line is going to be reassured by [WaPo’s} argument that, ‘Hey, sure supporting amnesty might cost you 23 points in the polls but with the right combination of preexisting popularity, money, and deception you might be able to squeak out a 49% victory!”

Lamar! Win Not Reassuring!, Daily Caller, August 11, 2014

Personally, I don't think Alexander's reversal is truly cynical. I think he lives in an insulated world of consultants and country club Republicans that literally cannot imagine a contrary argument. It would never occur to him, or them, not to go back to supporting Amnesty. That's why this is going to end in a Third Party.
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