Looks Like Some Of These Illegal Alien "Families" SHOULD Be Separated
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The MSM and open borders agitators (but then, I repeat myself) go on and on about families being separated at the border.

It is terrible, we are told, it is not Christian and it has even been likened by some to what the Nazis did.

But immigration agents are finding out that some of these "families" might be better off separated.

From The Daily Mail:

The Trump administration said Thursday (July 12) that nearly half of the children ages 5 and under who were separated from grown-ups at the U.S. border can't be reunited with their parents, mostly because many of the adults are violent criminals – and some lied about being the minors' parents. President Donald Trump had claimed Tuesday (July 10) that illegal immigrants and human traffickers were 'using children' to manipulate America's immigration system and make it easier for adults to enter the U.S. without papers and remain there.  

Government says parents of nearly HALF of kids younger than 5 taken at the border can´t have them back because they're child abusers, kidnappers and murderers - and others aren´t actually parents  

By David Martosko, Daily Mail, July 12, 2018

Looks like it´s really the Trump administration, not the open borders agitators, looking out for the interests of the children.

Of the 103 minors in the youngest age group, the administration has reunited 57 with parents, but the other 46 are 'ineligible,' the Justice and Homeland Security Departments reported.

And why are they ineligible?

Eleven of the adults have 'serious criminal histor[ies],' the agencies announced, including charges or convictions for child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, human smuggling, domestic violence and narcotics-related crime. One of the men is wanted for murder in Guatemala, Chris Meekins, Chief of Staff, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services told reporters on a conference call. Seven more were 'determined not to be a parent' at all, including three whose deception was discovered through DNA testing.

Consider these examples:

Meekins described one adult who said he was a parent 'right up until the time of a DNA swab,' and then retracted his claim. Authorities determined that one potential child sponsor was alleged to have abused the child he was trying to claim. Another told the government that if his child were returned to him, he planned to house the youngster with an adult who has been charged with sex abuse of a young girl. Eleven are in state or federal custody for other reasons. One of the adults presented a falsified birth certificate, and another has a contagious disease. Twelve have already been deported. 'We don't have the legal authority to bring those individuals back into the country for reunification purposes,' Meekins said Thursday (July 12). 'They have no lawful right to be here.' He also said those people had already been offered the opportunity to take the children with them when they were deporter, and declined. The shocking statistics will heap fuel on Trump's fiery argument that his political foes should adopt a more flexible approach to changing immigration law.

This information should be readily at hand to respond to the ongoing rhetoric about family separation.  

The border is a humanitarian nightmare. But that´s not Trump´s fault. Trump is trying to solve the problem. 


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