'Lone Wolf' Is a Term that Mischaracterizes Personal Jihad
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One of the most misleading phrases in the news these days is “lone wolf” meaning a jihad-style terrorist with no convenient associates who can be chased down by police.

On the contrary, most of these characters are plugged in to a historic terror manual, the Koran. They are not “lone” by any stretch; they are part of the active ummah, the community of Muslims. And the Koran tells the faithful that it is their duty to engage in war to promote the spread of Islam: over a hundred verses in the Koran call for warfare against infidels.

By leaving out the religious context of these violent attacks, it is easy for the mainstream media to identify the perps as crazies rather than purposeful jihadists fighting infidels for allah.

Former CIA analyst Clare Lopez appeared on SunTV with Brian Lilley this week and discussed the “lone wolf” characterization so popular with the media:

CLARE LOPEZ: (speaking in reference to a Canadian jihadist) “When you heard him speaking in that little video clip you played there, you heard him say, ‘Our people’ and that’s the clue that this is not anything that really should be termed a “lone wolf” attack. I think that is a misnomer. What he is referring to is the fact that he, even though he is a Canadian born and raised, feels himself more to be a member of the worldwide global Islamic ummah, or people, than he does a Canadian citizen. And this is the clue for us to understand the mentality in thinking not lone wolf but member of the global Muslim community which has been exhorted by the Islamic State in its magazine and in various video announcements, they are being told you must perform individual jihad — that’s the correct term, individual jihad, in Islamic doctrine. . . .

If enough Muslims around the world respond to these calls by the Islamic State and others that there will be a swarming affect that law enforcement will find very difficult to deal with because just as you say there isn’t any warning, there aren’t any plots to break up or to infiltrate, but individuals acting on their own or perhaps maybe in very small cells but I do think this is what we have to look forward to in the coming months and perhaps years in terms of the international global jihad movement.”

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