Lindsey Graham: Mexico Is A "Hell Hole"
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Senator Lindsey Graham of the Gang of Eight explains that Latin America is a "hell hole:"
“We have a Canadian border.... Why are we OK up there and not OK to the south?… Why is one a problem and the other is not? Because Canada is a place where people like to stay. They like Canada. We like Canada. We love to have them visit. They want to go home because it’s a nice place,” said Graham. “The people coming across the southern border live in hell holes. They don’t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hell hole coming to America.”

Of course, five billion people live in countries poorer than Mexico, which is the second most obese country on earth.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg could promote the Gang of Eight's bill by purchasing an hour of primetime on all the networks for Lindsey and him to go on TV live and talk about whatever springs to mind. It would be riveting.

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