"Libyan Rebels" And Obama`s Fabulous Career
August 23, 2011, 04:44 PM
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Libyan rebels fired at forces loyal to Qaddafi during fierce fighting in downtown Tripoli on Monday. - NYT
Libyan rebels
Can you actually hit anything firing a gun from above your head? Is the fighting really that "fierce" if you can`t be bothered to get behind the car right next to you and, you know, aim?
Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, whose capture the rebels had trumpeted since Sunday, walked as a free man to the Qaddafi-controlled luxury Rixos Hotel in the center of Tripoli early Tuesday, boasting to foreign journalists there that his father’s government was still “in control” and had lured the rebels into a trap, the BBC and news services reported. [NYT]

That`s quite a strategy Col. Qatthafi has come up with — luring the enemy into the downtown of your capital. Amazing nobody has ever thought of that ploy before.
His appearance raised significant questions about the credibility of rebel leaders.

I`m shocked to hear of doubts about the credibility of anybody involved in this.

At the moment, whatever is going on in Tripoli is a confusing mess. But my prediction all along has been that once Obama started the "no-fly zone," he`d keep dropping bombs until Col. Gaddafi is gone. For example, I wrote on March 25:
Yet, the bottom line about what will happen isn`t really all that confusing. What matters most is that Obama has an election coming up in 19 months. He can`t afford to go into the campaign known as The President of the United States Who Started a War with Muammar Gaddafi and Failed to Win. ... 
I`m not saying that Obama had this all figured out from the moment he agreed to start the war or that he`s even figured it out after a week, but it will eventually dawn on him that his alternatives are now: 
1) Lose to Crazy America-Hating Terrorist Moamar Khadaffy, or
2) Drop More Bombs. 
So he will choose what`s behind Door #2. 
Of course, after Qadafi is gone, a whole bunch more stuff will happen in Libya, but, seriously, who cares? How much does Obama care about Libya versus how much does he cares about his fabulous career?