Libyan Involvement To Trigger Third-World Invasion of U.S. As Well As Europe?
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Sea Of Humanity

Italian Police try to contral Tunisian migrants at food distribution center on Lampedusa: The tiny Italian fishing island which now has MORE migrants fleeing Tunisia and Libya than inhabitants, Daily Mail, March 29, 2011 Besides more striking photographs, the Daily Mail reports

- Almost 19,000 migrants from Libya and Tunisia have arrived since January - 3,000 immigrants arrive in just THREE DAYS
and adds
As well as the flood of immigrants from Tunisia, almost all of whom are young men seeking work in Europe, Italian officials are deeply concerned that the fighting in Libya could unleash a fresh influx from North Africa.
Along with most of the European MSM, the Daily Mail does not pretend these arrivals are refugees as traditionally understood. The many film clips on internet invariably show the boats are almost exclusively carrying young men: very few women, almost no children or elderly. This is a plain Camp Of The Saints-style economically-motivated invasion.

And of course the Italian Government is foolishly encouraging it by transferring the arrivals to the mainland. The Italians are wise to fear more arrivals.Colonel Gadaffi, who for the last couple of years had been bribed to restrain the flow, has directly threatened to send Europe more Blacks. (Apparently they are not appreciated in North Africa.)

Given President Obama's predilections and the ambitions of the Refugee Industry, America has reason to fear the U.S. involvement in Libya will be used as an excuse for more Third World imports.

Already Refugee Resettlement Watch has detected Canadian Treason Lobby activity. And National Public Radio has started the drum roll: Italians Rescue Africans Fleeing 'Boiling' Libya by Sylvia Poggoli NPR March 29, 2011 (Note European features of migrant photographed and emphasis on Libyan maltreatment, helpfully bolstering refugee status claims.)

Another Muslim war and accelerated immigration from non-traditional sources - whose agenda is this?

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