Utah Backs Trump! 75% Want Criminal Aliens Deported
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One of the most annoying narratives of the last election was insane insistence by the Main Stream Media the state of Utah was not going to vote Republican this year. Indeed, the MSM promoted the idea Evan McMullin, the neocon nonentity who is often confused with a breakfast sandwich, would win the state.

Well, Trump won it. McMullin even finished behind Hillary. And the people of Utah support Donald Trump's immigration plans.

An overwhelming majority of Utahns want President-elect Donald Trump to keep his promise to deport undocumented immigrants who have criminal records, a new poll shows.

Seventy-five percent of Utahns either strongly or somewhat support Trump's plan to deport undocumented immigrants with criminal records, according to a UtahPolicy.compoll released Tuesday.

Of 614 registered Utah voters who responded to the Dan Jones & Associates survey conducted Dec. 8-12, 46 percent said they strongly support Trump's plan, while 29 percent said they somewhat support the plan.

Thirteen percent said they somewhat oppose it, 9 percent said they strongly oppose it, and 2 percent were undecided. The poll had a 3.95 percent margin of error.

[Polls: Utahns support Trump plan to deport law-breaking immiygrantsby Katie McKellar, KSL, December 27, 2016]

The head of the Utah Republican Party called it "basic common sense." Everyone else interviewed for the piece of course condemned it. So 75% of those in the state thought the policy was good; 75% of those interviewed in the piece thought it was evil.
Brandy Farmer, president of Centro Civico Mexicano, Utah's oldest nonprofit Hispanic organization, said the poll left her feeling "disappointed," expecting a more sympathetic culture in a state known for its welcoming nature.

"It surprises me that (Utahns) are not more sensitive to families," Farmer said, pointing out that many Utah youths serve missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, learning acceptance and respect for cultures worldwide.

The question of Mormons and irrational enthusiasm for Third World immigration has been covered here before. But here, we see Uthans are not fans of welcoming criminals. It seems to me that makes them more "sensitive to families," specifically their own, as illegals are reaping a grim toll of victims among Americans nationwide. It's sad Farmer and his ideological cohorts don't see that. Unless of course they just don't care.
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