Corrupt Mortgage Lenders in the Spotlight
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Justin Goodman Justin Goodman was killed in a hit-and-run accident by an illegal alien with numerous prior arrests who had never been deported. Goodman was riding his motorcycle in Thornton, Colorado, when he was struck down July 1, 2004, and left to die by a career criminal, Roberto Martinez-Ruiz, whose activities should have gotten him a one-way ticket home years earlier 151 but didn't.

Now an investigation has revealed that the illegal alien family of the killer used US government programs to purchase homes fraudulently [Justin Goodman's Family Says He Would Be Alive If Not For Loans, The Denver Channel 11/29/06] .

7NEWS' investigation has found that the immigrant family used phony documents, and in apparent collusion with realtors and lenders, received fraudulent loans to buy two homes in Thornton which were backed by F.H.A. loans.

"My nephew would definitely have been alive today if they hadn't made those loans," said Vizzi.

For more on the rotten banking industry, see former finance professional Joe Guzzardi's report about how the business has become corrupted: Mortgages For Illegal Aliens: Are Banks The Treason Industry?

It's a bitter experience for victims' families to learn on top of a terrible tragedy that both the government and trusted private institutions have colluded in the destruction of our system of laws out of greed.

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