Leftists Riot During Neo-Nazi March in Support of SB 1070
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Neo-Nazis marched Saturday in Phoenix Arizona in support of SB 1070, Arizona's much-denounced immigration law. Violence broke out but it wasn't the Nazis who caused it. The Neo-Nazi marchers were led by J.T. Ready as they marched to peacefully exercise their right to free speech. Rough stuff broke out when a group of radical leftists refused to remove a street blockade that was meant to stop the Neo-Nazis from completing their planned route. Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson told ABC TV 15 News that Phoenix police had no choice but to chase the radicals away from the barricade by using tear gas and pepper spray [see video]. Also watch: Neo-Nazis Protest in Downtown Phoenix, FOX10, 3 Nov 2010
"You don't have to like us but you can't throw things," said march organizer JT Ready.

At one point, protesters placed newspaper stands in the street in front of the marchers, according to Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson. He said officers escorted the marchers to the federal courthouse and after several members of the group of marchers made statements, they returned to 12th Avenue and Adams Street, again escorted by police.

"Whether we agree with them or not we have to protect the marchers," Thompson said. Neo-Nazi march interrupted by riot in downtown Phoenix, ABC15, 11/13/2020

The Neo-Nazis were not the ones who instigated the violence — it was the uber-leftists and a group calling themselves the Anarchists who caused the trouble. Make no mistake about it, the Anarchists are for real, as I have explained previously. The following excerpt from their blog leaves no doubt that they intended on causing trouble.
Can we provide the NSM a more disastrous exit this time than their car accident last year while fleeing the anti-nazi mob? Will we once again be standing alongside libertarians, constitutionalists, and veterans, who broke with the right wing last year to oppose a fascist anti-immigrant rally?

Against all borders, against white supremacy! See you in the streets!

The Inglorious Bastards Bloc Returns: This November 13! Let's Run These Nazis Outta Town Starring You , Fires Never Extinguished A Journal of the Phoenix Class War Council, October 27, 2010.

Watch this video interview of one of the protesters that got pepper sprayed: Phoenix Neo Nazi vs Anarchist Standoff

The National Socialist Movement is a small fringe group in Arizona but it is growing because of the government's refusal to enforce immigration law. The NSM also posted its trailer on YouTube so as you can see the lines are being drawn: NSM to rally in Arizona [UPDATE: We received an email saying that J. T. Ready was not leading the march, simply participating in it. Our own reporting is based on the MSM's, but we'll assume that that's true. We certainly don't want to call anybody a Nazi who isn't one, but in this case it was the "anti-Racist" protesters who were behaving badly.]

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