Leftist Infiltrator Hermansson/Hellberg Inadvertently Confirms AntiFa Aggression In Charlottesville
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The MSM has been in SHOCK! HORROR! mode over the news that one Patrik Hermansson, purporting to be graduate student Erik Hellberg (as if anyone could tell the difference!), infiltrated and—arguably illegally and unethically—surreptitiously recorded a number of right wing organizations (he fashionably says "Alt Right" although they mostly predate the term) in Europe and the U.S. e.g. Undercover With the Alt-Right, by Jesse Singal, New York Times, September 19, 2017.

Counter-Currents' Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson, a victim, has a characteristically sensible discussion here.

The bottom line: Hermansson/ Hellberg's "revelations," although written up in hyperventilating British tabloid style on Hope Not Hate, the Cultural Marxist Enforcer website that sponsored him, contain no evidence or even allegations of any illegal behavior, let alone any conspiracy to commit violence.

All Hermansson/ Hellberg seems to have, at most,  is Politically Incorrect talk—from people already associated with Politically Incorrect websites!

He claims "sometimes being a mole in the far right was dangerous...." But he (and his rewrite man, who tried very hard) provide absolutely no support for this.

Big deal. The Hope Not Hate donors, who reportedly supported him for a year, must be very disappointed.

VDARE.com and I make a number of minor appearances on Hope Not Hate (here and here), but it's just Search Engine Smear stuff.

Which is mildly interesting, because Hermansson/ Hellberg did contact me and Lydia and I met with him for coffee in Cipriani Dolci above New York's Grand Central Station. (Note to Hope Not Hate bookkeeper: I paid!)

I guess I agree with Greg Johnson's summary: "A bit socially awkward, a bit inarticulate, a bit effeminate, but not so outside the norm for academic types that I felt suspicious." (Hope Not Hate says proudly that Hermansson/ Hellberg is a "gay, anti-racist activist").

But I must also say that Hermansson/ Hellberg never said he was anything other than a graduate student, frankly asked if he could record me (Lydia got bored and left), and never evinced anything other than academic interest in the movement.

Maybe that's why his rewrite man couldn't figure out how to smear us.

But apparently that wasn't the case at Charlottesville a few weeks later, which Hermansson/ Hellberg claims to have to have attended as an Alt Right supporter. And very significantly, after describing the event in some detail, he writes:

The police ordered the crowds to disperse, so with trepidation we began to filter out of the enclosed pen. But as soon as I left the park a counter-protestor [i.e. AntiFa rioter] jumped in front of me and sprayed me full in the face with mace. Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses so my eyes were spared, but the rest of my face and arms began to burn. Later the sweat would drip the mace into my eyes and I lost my vision for about 15 minutes. [Emphases added].
This, of course, exactly confirms what VDARE.com has already reported: the Charlottesville police forced the Unite The Right protestors into the AntiFa rioters, who immediately attacked them. This has not been publicized, apart from the Lying Press's Narrative, because the Alt Righters cannot bring charges for fear of being doxxed.

So why did Hermansson/ Hellberg (and/or his rewrite man) not realize they were undercutting the Left/ MSM Narrative? Because these Leftists are idiots. They live in an intellectual bubble and they believe their own propaganda.

At least, the Hope Not Hate rewrite man does. But after we met, Hermansson/ Hellberg (email him) replied to my polite note:

Thank you yourself! It was really great talking to you.

Since I left I've actually looked into applying for universities in the US so I'm right now looking at Georgetown in DC and possibly NY as well. It's my supervisor who pushed me to look into a phd or a research position.

My intuition: Hermansson/ Hellberg actually is a graduate student. He really does hope to study in the U.S. (Note to VDARE.com readers: watch out!).

He's just ripping off Hope Not Hate as well as the AltRight.


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