Krauthammer Shows True Colors Over Charlottesville: Laura Ingraham Tosses And Gores Him
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One of the side-effects of these periodic moral panics that sweep through American society — Trayvon, Ferguson, Charlottesville — is that they unmask people — bring out their inner nature.

Well, two weeks ago on the podcast I said some kind words, or at least not un-kind words, about TV talking head Charles Krauthammer. I said that while I'd written him off for years as a, quote, "cucky neocon Israel-first GOP establishment front man," more recently I've been warming to him because of the mostly sensible things he's said on Tucker Carlson's show.

Well, I'm biting my tongue. Last Tuesday on Fox News Krauthammer reverted to cucky type, acting scandalized that Trump dared suggest there is anything wrong with masked anarchists throwing rocks at citizens lawfully demonstrating.

Fortunately Laura Ingraham was there to counter him. I have, as I have often noted, a very soft spot for Ms. Ingraham. Not to be shy about it, I would walk over hot coals for her, leap the ice floes of a swollen river for her, wrestle alligators for her. Heck, I would even sit through a corporate Diversity Awareness seminar for her.

On Tuesday, August 15, she was on great form. She tossed and gored Krauthammer, sample quote:

We have to be honest about the evil of racism and also honest about a far left that is [both] trying to tear down history and intimidate free speech in the country.

That left Krauthammer mumbling about what was in the President's heart.

So OK, I yield. I got Krauthammer right the first time: cucky neocon shill. Sorry about that.

And Laura, why don't you answer my emails? …

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