Leftist Acosta Projecting His Side’s Goal: Turn America Brown
August 03, 2017, 06:06 PM
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Joseph A. Wulfsohn posted a very fine commentary on yesterday’s ridiculous exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller, the administration man at the podium who defended President Trump’s immigration bill.

After a lengthy back-and-forth that revealed Acosta’s woeful ignorance of immigration policy and American history — like many leftists, he thinks Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty is a law — Acosta strongly implied the bill was racist.

Here’s what Acosta said after Miller challenged him on the question of speaking English:

Acosta: It just sounds like you’re trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.

Miller: That is one of the most outrageous, ignorant, insulting, and foolish things you’ve ever said… The notion that you think this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting-

Acosta: I never said it was a racist bill.

Jim Acosta’s Press Briefing Challenge Was Not Journalism; It Was Activism, MediaIte.com, August 3, 2017

Of course he did, but not in so many words.

Anyway, writer Wulfsohn offered compelling commentary:

Acosta denied calling the bill “racist” and technically he’s right. He didn’t literally say the words, “The RAISE Act is racist.” But between accusing the White House of “engineering the racial and ethnic flow” of immigrants, calling the policy a “dog whistle,” and asserting that the administration is obsessed with Mexicans and Muslims, he clearly thinks the RAISE Act is in fact racist.

And guess what, he has every right to think that it is racist. But that doesn’t make him a reporter. That makes him a pundit.

If Acosta wants to keep injecting himself into the news cycle, he shouldn’t call himself a reporter. When he looks at a mirror, he sees a “warrior” for the truth. In his mind, he has the moral compass of a saint and the bravery of a white knight. And the Trump presidency is some sort of dragon that he must slay one outburst at a time.

Also, he takes himself way too seriously.

There’s a reason why he kept throwing tantrums when the White House didn’t allow cameras during press briefings and it has nothing to do with the First Amendment; He needs the cameras. He thrives on the attention he gets and if the cameras are rolling, then he can go viral for his latest battle with the White House, which only elevates his profile. And of course Acosta was showered with praise on Wednesday by the left. After all, he’s a hero in their eyes. But without his soapbox, he’s nothing. …

The media is doing a big disservice to the American people and to journalism as a whole by accepting what Acosta did on Tuesday as “journalism.” It wasn’t journalism at all; it was activism.

He and countless others in the media now believe they have a moral duty to stand up against Donald Trump, the man they still can’t believe beat their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton in last year’s election. And in doing so, they’re willing to inject their personal views into their work and label it as “the truth.”

Such activism has been rubbing off on his colleagues. Glenn Thrush of The New York Times, Brian Karem of Playboy Magazine, and American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan have all editorialized their own line of questioning in the press briefings. Ryan was actually rewarded for it as she was hired as a CNN contributor after an altercation she had with then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer. …

If the media embraces the Acosta method, the American people’s distrust in the media will continue to grow and President Trump will continue to take advantage of that distrust like he has been since Day One of his presidency. Using your opinion and calling it fact is as much “fake news” as actual fake news.

All that said, here’s the big thing: Acosta was projecting when he said “you’re trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.”

As I’ve noted before, that isn’t the case. Acosta and his gang of leftists are trying to do that. Indeed, they’ve been engineering the racial and ethnic flow since 1965.

We’re trying to stop it. And nothing is wrong with that.