Leaded Law Shooting At 600-Person Black Party In Fort Worth Park: 30 Shots Fired, 5 Wounded, 2 Critically
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There's a very boring story about a mass shooting in Fort Worth  (in which no one was killed) in the NYT. I've emphasized the suggestive parts.

Five people were injured, two of them critically, on Sunday night at a Fort Worth park crowded with 600 people, the police said.

Officials said witnesses described fireworks going off at Village Creek Park, followed by at least 30 rounds of gunfire around 7 p.m. local time.

Three of the people who were hurt had injuries that were not life-threatening, officials said at a news conference on Sunday night. Two were critically wounded. Further details on the victims were not immediately available.

Video posted on Twitter showed the chaos of the scene: people crouching behind moving cars and sprinting across a road while the sounds of sirens and popping noises could be heard in the background.

Officials said it was too early to say what precipitated the shooting. They said they were exploring the possibility it might be related to a separate shooting that took place nearby earlier Sunday.

It was also unclear what hundreds of people were doing in the park at the time, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

[5 Hurt in Texas Park Crowded With 600 People, Police Say, by Christopher Mele, May 11,  2020]

In less boring news, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram explains what the people were doing in the park. They were having a party. Oh, and they were black, another example of minorities not social distancing. More emphasis by me:

The crowd had gathered in the park despite local and state government orders discouraging large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

…Adrian Gallardo lives across the street from the park on Wilhelm Street. He said he heard 10 to 15 shots and saw “people running everywhere.”

He said there appeared to be a big party at the park, which he said is usually calm.

A group of women sitting in a yard near the park said there was a large gathering of young, possibly high school-aged, people having a party at the park. The women said they did not want their names used because they work for large companies.

One of the women sitting in the yard said groups gather at the park often, but the party was a younger crowd than usual. The women said they heard what they thought were fireworks and then realized they were gunshots. They ran inside and when they came back out, they saw a police officer chasing a man near the park.

One of the women guessed there were hundreds of people at the park, some of whom were playing with water guns.

A yellow water gun was smashed on Wilhelm Street near the park. Police tape wound across much of the grassy area near Wilbarger Street.

Raymond Brown, who has lived on Edgewood near Wilbarger Street for 24 years, said most people at the party appeared to be 18 to 20 years old.

“This is one of the few parks in Fort Worth where African-Americans feel they can go and enjoy themselves,” Brown said.

5 injured in shooting at 600-person party in southeast Fort Worth park, police say,  by Kaley Johnson, May 10, 2020

Here's one of the Tweets referred to (but not linked to) by the NYT:

Village Creek Park is generally a black people's park, as you can see in Google Maps linked photos.

In my article The “Leaded Law” And Mass Shootings—Poor Black Marksmanship Is Saving Lives, I explained at length that there are many reasons why blacks exhibit bad marksmanship, but also explained  that in reports of mass shootings where the MSM refuses to say what color the perpetrator is, the ratio of kllled to wounded is a clue.

As a now-dormant blogger put it in 2016, "If the shooters exhibit bad aim (substantially worse than 1 killed for every 3 wounded)" then the shooters are likely to be black gangsters. [Marksmanship is Nothing More Than White Privilege, Ben Kurtz Blog, July 28, 2016]



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