Coming To An America Near You? More On Mexico's Rioting Future Teachers
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In my article on the Mexican IQ question (The Richwine Ruckus—What Do We Know About Mexican Intelligence Anyway?) I mentioned the mayhem in the Mexican state of Michoacan, in which normalistas (college education majors—future teachers) had hijacked 60 public buses and delivery trucks. 

Readers will be happy to know that the normalistas have returned the vehicles. (Normalistas de Michoacán liberan unidades secuestradas, el Economista, May 20th, 2013).   By May 20th, all 64 vehicles had been returned, and now the education students are returning to class.  (But for how long?)     

Remember, these bus hijackers are college education majors, which means they are future Mexican public school teachers. That's appropriate, as many Mexican public school teachers spend time protesting and demonstrating.  So they're getting ready for that. 

My teaching experience in Mexico was all in the private sector, so I missed all the fun!

As the United States continues to be Mexicanized, you can expect  this sort of thing to happen here. Remember you read it here first!   

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