"Latino Victory Fund" Guy Doubles Down On Calling White Virginians Racist
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The leftist behind the infamous “Latino Victory Fund” advertisement that portrayed white male voters (or any Virginian who might vote for Ed Gillespie)  as racist maniacs who might randomly mow down children in a pick-up truck has explained himself in The Washington Post.

Read Cristóbal Alex’s piece for yourself, and take note of this bucket of bilge after the usual introductory foreplay:

But the criticisms from the mainstream media stung. The Post’s editorial board called the ad “vile,” arguing that just because Gillespie used controversial tactics, it didn’t give others license to do the same. But we never intended to paint all Gillespie voters as racist; rather, we set out to show that the candidate had embraced the underbelly of the Republican Party and how that embrace endangered our communities.

The editorial board also rightly noted that Gillespie had been tougher on the white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville than President Trump had. That’s true, but it’s also true that Gillespie did not criticize the president’s assertion that there were “very fine people” on “both sides.” Then Gillespie turned around and threw his full support behind statues rooted in the pain of millions of American citizens, and he continued to paint immigrants as criminals.

The message behind our ad was undeniably effective. An election-eve poll by Latino Decisions found that once white voters saw ads or discussions of Gillespie as anti-immigrant, half became less enthusiastic about Gillespie. That preference was similar among Latino voters. Unsurprisingly, Republican voters turned out for their candidate.

“We never intended to paint all Gillespie voters as racist?” Really?

I don’t think so. Of course that’s what Alex and his “Latino” hermanos wanted to do, being pretty hard-core race people themselves. I doubt they have a problem with the outright anti-white filth that spews from such minority sewer pipes as Black Lives Matter, or even better, National Council of La Raza. (You know, the group that calls itself “The Race.” )

Of course, La Raza and its crackpot defenders on the left say it’s name does not translate to “The Race,” but rather, “The People” or “The Community.” And to what “people” or “community” does the name refer. I’ll take a wild guess and say it doesn’t include people with names like Smith, Jones or Anderson.

And Señor Alex issued a threat: “If other Republicans seek to replicate Gillespie’s approach, don’t expect us to sit on the sidelines.”

Oh yeah, amigo? That goes both ways.

See the Latino Victory Project’s original ad below:



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